At Lizzy G’s Fine Gifts, in northwest Houston, it’s all about two things: having unique, good quality products, and providing a great shopping experience.

For store owners, Liz  Tillman (Lizzy) and Ginger Lester (“G”) it’s always at the forefront of their thoughts.

“What we hear most often is that we have a great selection,” says Liz, “and that’s very satisfying to us because we work hard at finding good quality, unique gifts that we can offer for a fair price.  Our first choice is always hand-made but if our customers are asking for something more mainstream we absolutely go with it. You will find a mix of both in our store.”

“The second thing we hear a lot is what great customer service we have,” adds Ginger. “There’s a relaxed comfortable feel here. If you are in a hurry we’ll snap to it and get you out as quickly and easily as possible, but if you just want to take you time and wander through the store we’re happy to oblige as well. And, hey, if you want to chat…you’ll make our day. It’s family here–literally and figuratively. Anyone who walks through our door is someone who belongs.”

Also at the core of the shop is their complimentary gift wrap. “As a child back in Tulsa MANY years ago”, remembers Ginger, “there was a gift shop down the street Mom would take my sisters and I to when we needed a special present. The ladies there would always wrap our purchase in beautiful gift wrap tied up with curling ribbon. If I close my eyes I can still see those ladies with their black-handled scissors and hear the sound as they dragged the blades down the ribbon to make it curl. It was like magic and you felt so proud to take that beautiful package to a birthday party. We want our customers to feel that same pride when they leave Lizzy G’s.” Every package that leaves Lizzy G’s is available to be gift wrapped in signature chocolate brown wrapping paper with blue and green organdy ribbon.

“Bottom line”, the two agree, “we don’t want to be just another gift shop, we want to be that place in the community where everyone goes and everyone leaves feeling better than when they went in.”


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